Borrow a Gun 借枪 (2011) End Recap

Synopsis: Borrow a Gun 借枪
The story of "Borrowing a Gun" took place on May 30, 1939. Xiong Kuohai, a special intelligence agent of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China that was dormant in French Concession, was almost in danger. The sacrifice of the on-line bayonet, comrades again misunderstood that he was a traitor, and the foreign company covering him closed down, but he only had seven cents at hand, but also supported his wife and children's family expenses.

At this time, the offline dragon asked him again, saying that there was important information, but the Japanese officer Kamei who provided the clue asked for money. When Xiong Kuohai could not find the organization, he took 200 yuan from the military special agent Yang Xiaoju, and provided very useful information to the Jidong base. Xiong Kuohai made up his mind to counter Kamei, but this Kamei is a ghost who doesn't recognize money and justice. In repeated battles with Kamei, Kamei gradually became prone and willing to become a member of the anti-war alliance.