Agreed not to cry (2013) Recap

No More Tears (2013) 说好不流泪在线观看
Saying no tears, the story tells that after the 14-year prison life of the prisoner Leng Jian, he had to rebuild his life. In the process, he finally gained the love of the gallery owner Yuan Zhen who suffered from marital trauma.

36-year-old Leng Jian, his wife was raped fourteen years ago, and was convicted of intentional injury for choosing to mutilate the other person and serving him for 18 years. He was released four years earlier and did not welcome his sister Leng Shan and his son who had never met since birth. In order to take care of her nephew, her sister Lengshan "delayed" her studies, youth, and love. When Wu Dawei entered her life, she began to believe in the existence of beautiful love. However, when she finally knew that Wu Dawei was approaching herself in order to avenge her brother Leng Jian, she was about to collapse. Eventually, Wu Dawei gradually found out that in this revenge, he fell in love with Leng Shan. Eventually, on the scale of revenge and love, Wu Dawei chose the latter, and finally a lover became a dependent.

Leng Shan's good sister, the gentle and talented female gallery owner Yuan Zhen, and the rich second-generation husband Cai Yonghao lived in a “respectful and respectful” marriage. However, there had never been true love between them. Finally, on the occasion of "Seven Years Itching", Yuan Zhen and Leng Shan's common friend, the post-90s girl Doudou, intervened in the life of Yuan Zhen and Cai Yonghao, and successfully staged "robber" and "flash marriage" action. When Leng Jian helped Yuan Zhen to find love, she gradually fell in love with this kind and gentle woman. In the end, the two of them weaved a romantic love story together, and Leng Jian gradually walked out of the trough of life and integrated into the society. Come and be accepted into life.