Dr. Cutie (2020) End Recap

Synopsis: Dr Cutie (萌医甜妻)
To get revenge, Tian Qi (Sun Qian) enters the palace disguised as a man. The cute and charming Tian Qi holds a small position as an imperial doctor. He is a money enthusiast and full of strange ideas. When he was transferred to work at the governor's house, he met young nobleman Ji Zheng (Huang Jun Jie) who marked the beginning of a funny accident.

Because of his special abilities, he was brought to be liked by the Emperor and became his personal eunuch. When Tian Qi and the Emperor spent time together, the Emperor found out that she was a girl. It turns out that Tian Qi is the daughter of Minister Ji Qing Yun, named Ji Shao. Seven years ago, Ji Qing Yun was framed by corrupt ministers and his family was sentenced to death.

Only his daughter, Ji Shao, survived. The emperor, after falling in love with Ji Shao, decided to make him queen. However, Ji Shao, who was burdened by his efforts to take revenge, began to develop complicated and painful feelings for the Emperor.