Flip in Summer (2018) End Recap

To help its students become physically fit, Qingye University has decided to create a diving team with the intention to strive for the nationals. This is a story about young men and women who are part of the school diving team.

The cold and prideful Xia Wen Xi signs up for the team together with the wild and unruly diving prodigy Xiu Ye. The two boys clash immediately to create a terse relationship. Tao Le Si who comes from a poor family but has a bright and bubbly personality also joins the team. When Xia Wenxi's good friend Gao Gong Ping starts paying attention to Tao Le Si and Xia Wen Xi discovers that he also likes Tao Le Si, the love triangle becomes increasingly complicated as Sen Nai Yi also gets in the picture, all while the team undergoes rigorous training to prepare for competition.