Happy Community (2020) Recap

Happy Community 幸福院 (电视剧原声带)
Yu Laole persuaded his son to live in a happiness apartment for the elderly and re-established a band they formed when they were young with good friends. The band not only brought joy to the elderly in the nursing home, but also found a way for them to be old. In getting along with the old people in the nursing home, Yu Laole brought happiness to the old people while helping them solve many problems.

In Lao Le, they not only realized old pleasure, old accomplishment, but also old love. Yu Laole found his first love, Bai Ruxue, and successfully held the wedding they had dreamed of when they were young. While writing the life of the elderly, the play expresses that the essence of aging is only the aging of the human body, not the mental decline. As long as people reach old age, as long as the spirit does not decline, age is never an obstacle