Princess at Large Season 1 - Season 3 (2020) End Recap

Ji Xianyun is an intern at a medical school who time travels to the olden times into the body of the second daughter of a Chancellor who tried committing suicide to escape the marriage. She discovers that her husband has a strange illness which causes him to appear pregnant, but in reality, lies a hidden secret.

The story of the second season of the medical concubine comes from Aiqiyi's novel of the same name, "Doctor Concubine", telling a comedy love story of a medical girl Lan Ruoxi as a chasing husband.

The story of Ji Xianyun, who had died, returned to Prince Ling Xiao, who was next to the east, but this time she turned into the appearance of Lan Ruoxi. In order to get close to Ling Lingxiao, Lan Ruoxi made him recognize himself and was admitted to the Yun Medical Museum with his strong medical skills, and became the emperor's former medical officer. But he repeatedly chose to escape. With the unremitting efforts of Lan Ruoxi and the help of friends such as Gu Xifeng, Qi Lingxiao finally gradually believed that Lan Ruoxi is the reality of Ji Xianyun.

However, Lan Ruoxi learned at this time that his original identity was the dark defender of the enemy Nanyan, who had come to steal the east defense plan. Faced with the urging of his colleagues, the enemy's plundering revealed that Lan Ruoxi had no idea what to do. At the critical moment, Pluto will count and count, pretending to lock Lan Ruoxi into the prison, secretly identifying the real behind-the-scenes,