Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 3 (2020) Recap

Synopsis: 无心法师
The story of Wuxin Mage 3 tells that the powerful Datang Empire has entered the dusk, and the big clan of Hehe is declining. The nobles and the people are struggling unwillingly, pursuing vain eternal life, but unwilling, but desperately want to die. In the meantime, he met the mysterious Liu family sister, sister Yingying Yingwu made a decision, and brother Xuanyuan weak and black. Wuxin and Qingyou worked together to resolve a series of bizarre incidents and cherished each other. Qingxi loves her heartlessly, but dares not to confess, she does not want to appreciate Qingxi, but she does not want to delay her.

A mysterious letter broke daily life and inadvertently escorted the sister and brother back home. They wanted to find out the truth, but were caught in cruel and treacherous events. After many trials and hardships, the black hands finally surfaced behind the scenes-it was Bai Liuli who had no regrets with the heart. Behind Bai Liuli, there is a conspiracy about immortality. In the decisive battle, he accidentally found the way to take death, which could have achieved the coveted liberation, but at the last moment resolutely gave up for the young man. At this time, he didn't know yet. Sister Qingxuan Xuanzhang and Yue Qiluo who are more than a thousand years old have inextricable connections ...